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frog and elephants

well, here i am, hopefully jumping into posting waters again.

Film star Helen Twelvetrees on an elephant, Taronga Park Zoo, Sydney, 1936-7 / Sam Hoodi'm a big fan of amphibians, and it saddens my heart that many of them are on the verge of croaking. therefore, it gladdens my heart to read that elephants are doing their utmost to help their bare-skinned brethren through heavy stomping and rampaging.

i may have done the work of an elephant by digging ditches around our little plot of land in front of the house, and by lazily putting long branches i'd cut off the hedge in a heap next to it. plenty of spaces for frogs to hide. and i have, in fact, discovered frogs in those places twice. the first time, i gingerly transported the frog through the house and into the back garden, which leads to the river, which is surely where it wanted to be in the first place.

but the second time i found a frog in front of the house -- under the rubbish bin, no less -- i decided that it probably knew what it was doing, and left it there.

lo, a crosspost! from dreamwidth (http://tamf.dreamwidth.org/2746.html)
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jsut a quick link to (hopefully) get me back into posting.

this is bbc magazine, helpfully trying to explain how to pronounce brands of fashion:

Miu Miu, part of the Prada fashion house empire, is pronounced MYOO-myoo (-my as in music, -oo as in boot). Other Italian designers with names that can be a mouthful include Ermenegildo Zegna, pronounced air-men-uh-JIL-doh ZEN-yuh (-air as in hair, -j as in Jack, -y as in yes), Giambattista Valli, pronounced jam-bat-EE-stuh VAL-i (-j as in Jack, -al as in pal), Francesco Scognamiglio, pronounced fran-CHESS-koh skon-yam-EEL-yoh (-y as in yes) and Gianfranco Ferre, pronounced jan-FRANK-oh ferr-AY (-j as in Jack, -ay as in say).
am i the only one who thinks the explanation makes the names more difficult to say? it's doo-in mee EDD in!
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i'm considering changing Little Boo Peep's blog name to Skippy. she has new school shoes, and if she hardly walked before, she never does now.

another contender for the title, however, is Sammy-the-dog. possibly the happiest dog in the world after he was allowed to accompany us on our seaside holiday.
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Little Boo Peep seemed to have given up renaming our dog Sam (into things like Muzzle, Tail, and Bag), and instead insisting he was a different type of animal, like horse, squirrel, or a "large cat".

however, she must have been storing up the force of naming. today, she's been insisting he's not called Sam, but Uncle Sam.
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specialty shops

i love specialty shops. i go to The Bread Shop, which opens at irregular hours but has excellent olive bread, and The Coffee Emporium, which has tea and, surprise, coffee. there's also a doll shop and a teddy bear shop and a cat shop where i frequently window shop.

The egg trader, Hanoi
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this weekend, i came across an egg shop. oh, all right, it wasn't really a shop, but a stall. but it had eggs. hen eggs and duck eggs and quail eggs. some were so free range that they had dirt on them.

i bought six small hen eggs from specialty breeds, and six duck eggs, one of which was so huge it woudn't fit into the carton. balancing them in the top of my backpack, i gently cycled home.
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T: who's that famous french clarinet player?
M: who, what?
T: erm... the famous french cellist?
M: you mean Jacqueline du Pre?
T: they sound almost the same!
M: clarinet... and Jacqueline?
T: oh, never mind.
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into the garden

well, we made it. we're all back home and more or less over our upset circadian rhythms and digestions. that meant i could get back to what i really missed while we were in India: the garden. actually, my mother-in-law has a hillside garden which she loves immensely, and it's nice, but it's not mine. as soon as we had put our suitcases down, i was out there, fixing my weeding withdrawal.

so, yeah. i'm officially embracing the middle. temples and elephants and rickshaws are all fine, but this is what i really want. i'm even considering getting a custom-made kitchen.

(the above is supposed to be an embedded 8tracks mix i found. can you get it to work? i can't. but the river woman can!)