Help, I'malive

So it's been a bit of time since I last posted anything, and it's been a bit of a year. We're having a vey low-key Christmas, in fact I'm doing the bare minimum I feel is in order (making a dessert, dusting the mantelpiece, queueing the nice music).  I have avoided any and all shops, seeing as they're all bound to be crowded with both festive & stockpiling people. However, we're a seriously apple-eating household and we'd run out of good apples. I reasoned that I might be able to nip in just as the shop opened to avoid those ghastly, you know, others. A fair amount of people had had the same idea, but it was still pretty sound. I got the necessaries and got out. There were a few people with Santa Claus hats on outside, possibly doing charity work. For a moment I thought they had also somehow arranged for fake snow to be falling. But it was actually real snow, falling for the first time this year, on Christmas Eve. A light dusting of miracle.

After I came home, the second miracle occurred. I felt hungry, and looking around I saw and old, sagging avocado. Knowing it would certainly be dead inside, I nevertheless cut into it before throwing it in the compost. Amazingly, it was still green and lusciously ripe, without a single brown spot. I've never known such an old avocado to be so good. It's made all my minimal preparations worth it!


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