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Some good things

The year just passed hasn't been all doom and gloom, has it?

After all, it gave us a wonderful white rainbow!

And even though floods in Australia have been horrible, the huge rainfall led to beautiful waterfalls off Uluru and a wakeboarding Santa.

Also, the year offered up a clever riding cow. That's a cow that's being ridden, not a cow riding something else. Although that might have been good, too.

A Rothschild's giraffe baby was born on Boxing Day and a bald eagle chick hatched on New Year's Eve. Both my dogs pricked their ears up when they heard the eagle noises...

Bison or American buffalo were returned to Wind River Reservation in Wyoming, over 130 years after they were wiped out from the area.
And China banned the sale and processing of ivory!

In statistical news, slightly fewer people died in wars in 2016, and no new wars broke out, according to a report from the University of Hamburg (unfortunately I couldn't find the original report - but I'm not starting a new conflict - not me).

Happy new year!

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