Trees Are My Friends (tamf) wrote,
Trees Are My Friends


Oh lordy, it's been five year since my last post. That must surely be an era or two in Internet years. Le LiveJournal seems quite different, without being curse by the dynamic java of doom that so much of the glorious new web seems to live by. I might stick with it.

Some time ago, I read a piece about how social networks tended to grow, ballooning out like mushrooms, until they exploded (like puffballs) or fizzled out (like pufferfish?) through over-exposure or lack of cool. What sometimes could happen afterwards was that these echoing halls of ancient glory could be reclaimed by digital spelunkers, as it were. LJ was given as an example. I don't know how accurate this is (particularly the metaphors - all mine, I confess). Has LJ been through a period of expansion and contraction in this last decade or so, or has it been pretty much the same?

Anyway, I have not changed my skin in the meantime, but I have gotten through two computers, moved house, acquired another dog and four bunnies, and also planted some trees. So I've been busy. Expanding. I think.
Tags: livejournal

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