Trees Are My Friends (tamf) wrote,
Trees Are My Friends

wafer thin

behold my patience!
John, the Cook, baking slapjacks
firstly, the collective parental patience with little boo peep is a leeetle stretched at the moment. usually we can do relays with her, if one of us is getting upset with her antics the other one can calmly take over. now, she's had such a long-running streak of obstinacy and bansheetude that we're both of us fed up. we must have done something wrong... it was probably my recent remark that she seems to have become very nice and easy that did it.

well, she'll change back to easy-going quickly enough (for instance, right now she's quitely putting a ribbon on a dragon like a good girl). what can be relied on to change for the worse is livejournal, it seems. did you know it now requires us ad-running plebs to have our screens darkened for a mo' each time we log in? i'm expecting to be even more absent from this place in the future, as it's very annoying.
Tags: boo, livejournal, nuisance, rant

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